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                CELG Cooperates with Panama Pitty Legal Bureau to Establish A Legal Service Platform between China&P

                Mr. Pitty,  Adviser of Panama's President, visited CELG Shanghai Office and Hangzhou Headquarters and, on behalf of Panama Pitty Legal Bureau, signed an international cooperation agreement with CELG. Both parties jointly establish a legal service platform for investment in China and Panama.

                During the visit of the Panamanian political and commercial delegation to China, on November 23th, 2017, Mr. Juan Felipe Pitty, Managing Partner of Pitty Legal Bureau and Special Advisor of Panama’s president, visited CELG Shanghai Office. Mr. Wang Jun, the Executive Director of CELG Shanghai Office, and Ms Kong Xia, Senior Partner of CELG Shanghai Office, extended a warmly welcome to Mr. Juan Felipe Pitty. Meanwhile, Lawyer Yan Che and Mr. Pitty introduced the development history of CELG and Pitty Legal Bureau respectively. Subsequently, Mr. Pitty also analyzed the social and economic development of Panama in details. The talks between the two sides are friendly and harmonious, and laying a good start for further cooperation. 

                On the second day, on the warm invitation of CELG General Director Mr. Chen Youxi, Mr. Juan Felipe Pitty visited CELG Headquarters in Hangzhou. During the visit, Mr. Chen Youxi conducted a comprehensive introduction and in-depth analysis on advantages of CELG in legal service and business cooperation after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Panama, the legal services layout of CELG which follows "One Belt and Road" Initiative and the intention that CELG wants to establish strategic cooperation with Pitty Legal Bureau. Subsequently, Mr. Juan Felipe Pitty,started from the perspectives of Panama's economic potential, convenient traffic location, excellent natural environment and booming shipping industry, introduced Panama hopes of attracting Chinese investors to participate in their development of shipping, tourism, energy and agriculture, as well as the potential for extensive cooperation in the legal services between China and Panama.

                After this in-depth and sincere exchange, CELG and Pitty Legal Bureau unanimously agreed to establish an international cooperative partnership. General Director Chen Youxi and lawyer Juan Felipe Pitty signed International Cooperation Agreement respectively on behalf of the two parties.

                The signing of the agreement not only opens a new chapter in bilateral exchanges and cooperation in both parties' international affairs, but also provides a fast and convenient legal service platform for the business cooperation between China and Panama in tourism, maritime affairs, international business , etc. This great movement shows CELG’s "Belt and Road" Initiative layout successfully develops into Central America and the Caribbean.

                CELG recently will organize Chinese entrepreneurs specialized in shipping, ports, energy and tourism to visit Panama together and immediately carry out economic and legal cooperation between both sides.

                Brief Introduction of Juan Felipe Pitty

                Juan Felipe Pitty

                Juan Felipe Pitty, a special adviser of the President of Panama, whose father was a former Panama ambassador to the United States. And he himself also was the former Consul General of the Philippines. Currently, he is the managing partner of Pitty Legal Bureau and is an experienced litigation lawyer and diplomat.