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                Lawyer Sunny Yin Conducted the First Investment Promotion Meeting Between Xiaoshan District Governm

                December1, 2017, the first Investment Promotion Meeting Between Xiaoshan DistrictGovernment and Japanese Enterprises held in the G20 HANGZHOU SUMMIT venue - HangzhouInternational Expo Center. Underthe background that Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Government actively introduces the foreign investments ,CELG Japanese Affairs director lawyer Yin ,asthe bridge of communication and connection between the Chinese and Japanesegovernments, organized the Japan Consulate General in Shanghai, Japan ExternalTrade Organization (JETRO), Shanghai Representative Office of Yokohama BusinessSupport Foundation, Shanghai Representative Office of Gunma Industry SupportOrganization, Osaka Industry Trade Promotion Agency Shanghai RepresentativeOffice, Fukui Industry Support Center Shanghai Representative Office and other 12Japanese companies to participate in this meeting.

                In the morning,Lawyer Yin accompanied the Japanese guests to visit the G20 Hangzhou Summit venue, andexperienced the excellentinvestment environment in Xiaoshan as well.


                At 2:00 pm, the investmentpromotion meeting officially started. As the organizer, lawyerYin hosted this meeting. Wei Daqing,vice mayor of Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, and Yu Dajima,economic consul of Japan's Consulate General in Shanghai, addressed respectivelyon behalf of the China and Japan government agencies. Subsequently, the fourdirectors of the Shanghai Representative Office of Gunma Prefecture, OsakaPrefecture, Fukui Prefecture and Yokohama introduced the economic developmentand humanistic environment of these four places respectively.

                Nearly 20 Chinese listedcompanies chairman and executives attended this meeting. Among this meeting, the delegatesof Wanxiang Group and Asia Pacific Electrical made introductions of theircompanies.


                This meeting is the firstlarge-scale direct docking and communication between the local government ofHangzhou and all levels of governments and enterprises in Japan throughexchange meetings. The meeting was co-hosted by Xiaoshan Investment PromotionBureau and Shanghai Ge Fangdi Business Consulting Co.,Ltd.


                CELGJapanese Affairs Departmentdirector Sunny Yin won the unanimous favorable comments from all the guests attending the meeting. Moreover, she alsocreated a new communication platform for the economic and trade investmentbetween China and Japan.