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                The Chairman of Capital Equity Legal Group (CELG) visited German Federal Bar and Spanish Law Firm

                In the period of Europe business visiting, Mr. Youxi Chen visited German Federal Bar, discussed with legal advisors about lawyer business in Germany and the procedure of setting up a foreign law firm in Germany. Meanwhile, visited Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH. During the period in Spain, Mr. Chen visited MAIO Law Firm, warmly welcomed by four founders, and discussed about two sides’ future cooperation.

                In 6th. March.2019, Mr.Youxi Chen arrived at Frankfurt am Main in Germany and visited Luther. Law Firm. Mr. Stephan Gittermann and Dr. Michael Kr?mker met with Mr. Chen in person. Both Parties introduced general information of firms and discussed about the future cooperation opportunities. In the end, both Parties reached friendly agreement to share the information of marketing and business activities.

                In 7th March,2019, Mr. Chen visited German Federal Bar, communicated with the senior legal advisor. The international department advisor introduced general judicial system in German, Bar association organization and lawyer professional work. Meanwhile, the advisor gave positive feedback for the possibility that foreign law firm establish offices in Germany. 

                Germany is the leader of continental legal system and EU, which is the most important supporter for EU economy. Based on this visiting, CELG will start a new stage of promoting German legal service business and set up its procedure to open a law firm in Germany. 

                In 8th March, Mr. Chen arrived Madrid and visited MAIO law firm. MAIO law firm currently has three branches in Spain and two branches in Latin America, its legal business covers southern Europe, Latin America and China. During the negotiation, four partners of MAIO attended the meeting. Both parties introduced the basic situation, business scope, development plan of its own firm, and conducted fruitful discussions and communication on possible cooperation modalities and projects. These two parties will establish close connection, communicating with each other in further step surrounding both countries’ marketing, project and legal business.